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Layout Component: Content Section

The content section can have any of 4 predefined background colors (with or without the “Halftone” pattern). This section is using “Halftone Khaki”

About "Blade Slider"

The “Blade Slider” Layout Component is designed specifically to support three slides, but can support any number. It is important to note that the content tends to to get squished if more than three slides are used.

Slide Content Limits

The content length limit is based off vertical space so any additional formatting or line breaks may overflow the content. View at ~951px screen width to see how the content is affected by this limit. (Max ~250 characters of just text).

Slide Interactivity

On desktop or larger screens hover will un-fade the background image. Clicking will open the slide to reveal this content. On mobile this content is always shown due to accessibility limitations.