Our store

We are temporarily closed and are currently not accepting any donations and our salvage and donation pickup services are on pause. Visit our Online & Phone Sales page to learn more. 

Our retail store and warehouse is 20,000 square feet of lumber, doors, cabinets, plumbing materials and supplies, electrical components, and more. We work hard to divert as much reusable material as possible from the landfill, make your projects achievable, and to build a culture of reuse in our community.

Each dollar raised through our store’s retail sales conserves valuable natural resources, provides job training to displaced workers, and advocates for a strong, resilient local economy.

Donating is easy

Don’t believe us? Take a look.


Visit The RE Store

Located in Bellingham’s Fountain District, we accept a wide variety of used building materials and home supplies for resale. Visit our material donation page to learn more.

Donate your items

Visit us during our operating hours of Monday-Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm and Sunday: 10 am – 5 am. Donations are accepted up to 1 hour before end of business day.

Receive a tax receipt or in-store credit

For your donation, you get either an in-store credit for 25% of the resale value of your donated items, or a tax receipt. It’s a win-win!

Shopping and hours

Since 1993, we have saved the community over $150 million in building materials costs and have diverted more than 52 million pounds of quality building supplies from the landfill. We sell a wide variety of reclaimed building supplies, doors, office furniture, home decor, yard and garden items, architectural salvage, and occasionally unique antique items. We’re always posting latest finds on Facebook.

Our inventory is always changing and you’ll rarely see the same thing twice. Visit our Flickr gallery to see examples of what we’ve had in the past.





We are currently not accepting any donations and our salvage and donation pickup services are on pause. Visit our Online & Phone Sales page to learn more. 


Delivery service

Don’t have a vehicle big enough to bring your recent purchase home? We deliver!

Zone 1: $80 for truck and driver

Zone 2: $110 for truck and driver

Zone 3: $145 for truck and driver

Delivery outside of these areas is charged on a case by case basis.

Discounts and deals

Our prices are at least 50% lower than market value. For additional savings, join us each weekend for our manager special sales, and save up to 75% off.

We also offer a variety of community coupons and daily discounts for students, seniors, and veterans. Visit our store and ask our cashiers for more information.


Get our punch card, win a 2 minute shopping spree

Use the punch card each month for 10% off your entire purchase. Turn in your card in December for a chance to win a two minute shopping spree or up to $100 in gift certificates.

Save up to 75% with our weekend sales

Each month our managers set weekend sales, saving you up to 75% on already discounted items! Stay up to date with Facebook and our blog.

Daily discounts

We offer 10% off for seniors (65+), all active reserve, retired, or disabled veterans and their families, teachers, students and 15% off for Smart Trips users.