Ways to Save

Our prices are at least 50% lower than market value – and you could save even more with these tips! Follow us online or sign up for our newsletter for additional savings and flash sales.

Win a 2 minute shopping spree!

Grab a punch card and use it once each month for 10% off your entire purchase. Turn in your card in December for a chance to win a two-minute shopping spree or up to $100 in gift certificates. Ask a cashier for a punch card the next time you’re in!

Save with our 10/20/30 discount!

Check your item’s price tag for a date. If the date is 1 month old, save 10% off the purchase price. If the date is 2 months old, save 20% off the purchase price. If the date is 3 months old, save 30% off the purchase price.

Daily discounts

We offer 10% off for seniors (65+), veterans, teachers, students and 15% off for Smart Trips users.

Discount cannot be combined. Visit our store and talk to the cashier about savings the next time you’re in.