6 Reasons to choose us for sub-contracting

1. We can do it all:

  • Partial or full structure deconstruction
  • Interior demo, down to studs and beyond
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wood Flooring
  • Decks and more!

In a week, a 2,200 sqft interior was deconstructed down to the studs.

2. Save money on disposal fees: We haul away materials we salvage, saving you the cost of tipping fees

3. Our crew gets the job done: safely and efficiently, while meeting the project specifications.

In 8 days, we salvaged an entire tiny home with a crew of 3.

4. Do good for the community: By choosing salvage, you’ll preserve the history of the home, build a healthier local economy, and reduce fuel costs

5. Promote a circular economy: Reusing the lumber from one 1,200-square-foot home prevents 8 tons of material from entering the waste stream

6. Affordable Rates: $225-300/hr for our 3-4 person crew

Keep your carpenters out of the dumpster!

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Or, contact our Salvage Services Manager, Nate Witham.