Farewell to Matt Vaughn

Dear RE Store Community,

With a heart full of appreciation and well wishes, we announce the departure of an irreplaceable member of our crew, Matt Vaughn, the Lead Design/Builder of the Revision Division. His extraordinary talent for transforming discarded materials into works of art has been nothing short of magical to witness. Some of the workday’s highlights were discovering the perfect scrap piece of wood, metal, or glass, just so we could present it to him – like a cat proudly offering a bird in its mouth. 

For those eager to stay connected with Matt’s continued journey and the exciting new direction Revision Division is taking under his full control, we invite you to follow his Instagram @Revision.Division or reach out to him via email at vaughnhm@gmail.com.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Matt Vaughn for a decade filled with innovation, inspiration, and remarkable craftsmanship. Matt, thank you for making The RE Store a more vibrant and creative space.

-The RE Store