Do It Yourself Overview: Downloads, Workshops and More

Do It Yourself Resources

do it yourself - kid with project We believe it is both essential and exciting to help create a culture of reuse and thriftiness. Our non-profit organization does this in many ways that include:

Bruce Odum, the first employee and manager of The RE Store, said,
“There is no such thing as common sense. You just have to do something a few times and get the hang of it.”

Pretend nobody is watching and start doing something today! Mistakes and experimentation can lead to minor or revolutionary breakthroughs. Do it for yourself, your family, your friend or neighbor. At the very least, it’s the thought that counts…


The RE Store offers skill-building workshops at our Seattle and Bellingham stores. Topics can include: basic plumbing and carpentry skills, green building topics, creative decor/design sessions and more. Check out our workshop page  for the latest happenings or subscribe to our email update to receive upcoming workshops right in your inbox.

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youtube logo Watch short videos about our many projects on our videos page

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RE Store Rockstars

Show off your cool, classy, funky or freaky projects, built from used, found and scrounged items. We select one winner per quarter to recieve a gift certificate to The RE Store.

Do it yourself downloads

Get our free plans and how-to guides for building a chicken coop, designing a shed, building a rain barrel and more.

Thrifty gift ideas

It’s never too late to pull together a thrifty gift for your beloved. All you need is 5-25 minutes in The RE Store to get any of these pre-made gifts or materials for any of these quick projects on the thrifty gift idea page.

Books & audio resources

We have hand-picked these books and learning resources  for your read-it-yourself enjoyment and “edutainment.”

RE Definitions

In order to walk the walk, it helps to talk the talk. Consult our list of definitions and expand your “eco-cabulary.”

The RE Store is a  non-profit organization, reducing waste, saving you money, and inspiring reuse since 1993. Discover other ways to get involved with The RE Store .