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Building up Whatcom County since ’93

Your source for reclaimed building materials, vintage decor, building salvage services, DIY inspiration and more.



Our in-house team up-cycles furniture

We’re combatting the single-use culture.


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We rescue materials and their stories

Save time and money by utilizing our salvage services.


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Building a confident, employed community

Working to empower our community through on-the-job training. 


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Partnering up to cut waste and cost

Teaming up with manufacturers to keep useable material out of the landfill. 


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We’re more than a store

We defy wastefulness. We empower displaced workers. We take down buildings. We pick up used items. We build furniture. We teach ways to reuse. We grow to meet the changing needs of our community.

Revision Division

Creating unique, quality furniture made from reclaimed materials.

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Salvage Services

Offering sustainable alternatives to demolition.

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Job Training

Helping displaced workers find long-term, fulfilling employment.

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Easy ways to contribute

Contractors, donors, homeowners, business partners, volunteers, artists — it takes a community to do what we do.

A community that makes it possible

We are stronger, happier, and healthier when we support one another and trade resources locally. Thanks to the many businesses who donate to The RE Store.