RE Store Rockstar Project: Redressed Dresser

Scratched dresser, full of promise

Rockstars: David Kegel & Jessica Eskelsen

Project Title : Redressed Dresser

Salvaged materials used : An awesome mid-century “Dixie” dresser (credenza? sideboard? not sure what the official name of it is!) from the RE Store.

Project Description: This was our first attempt at refinishing a piece of wood furniture (other than just repainting). We were looking for a unique option for an entertainment center, and this cool dresser fit the bill!

How they did it: My husband Dave stained and then did three passes of wet sanding to build up a durable, lustrous surface. We used steel wool to buff the surface, and then waxed and polished the piece to a mirror shine. I also painted the flat area behind the drawers a deep chocolate brown to make them pop a bit.

The Redressed Dresser
The Redressed Dresser

Advice: Be patient. Go slow. Have a wife/husband/loved one nearby to tell you that you don’t suck!

Read more about the dresser refinishing (and other cool projects) on Jessica’s blog Window Ledge Arts.

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!

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