RE Store Rockstar Project: Piano Bar

Bob Kennedy's Piano Bar

Rockstar: Bob Kennedy

Project Title: Piano Bar

Salvaged Materials Used: Baby Grand Piano carcass, salvaged fir trim & lumber, stair balustrade, re-used mirror, vintage piano player music & vintage sheet music

Project Description: Bob Kennedy, owner/designer of Retreat, created a show-stopping piece of ‘re-purposed’ furniture, a unique and original work of art: a serving bar created from the carcass of a baby grand piano!

How he did it: The damaged piano carcass was gutted and rebuilt, with storage for a wine collection, liquor, and glassware, plus a pull-out mirrored tray for serving. It is covered with a collage of original vintage sheet & player piano music.

Bob Kennedy's Piano Bar

Advice : Not a project for the faint of heart!  The harp removal took the strength of two men. The deconstruction and rebuilding of the casework was a 40 hour project by Bob, and the collage work was another 40 hours in a ‘clean room’ by his wife Deb. Transporting, assembling, and displaying the Piano Bar takes both of them, a specialized wheeled cart, and a truck & trailer rig!

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