The RE Store besides itself – a success story in installing our own materials

Metal roof salvage
Salvage crew members rope up for the removal of the metal roof

In June 2010, The RE Store deconstructed a 30’ x 30’ cabin on Lake Whatcom in Bellingham.  The first step was to salvage the quality SnapLoc brand metal roof that was still in great condition.

Meanwhile, back at the store, we knew we needed to do something about our rotting siding on the exterior north wall of our building.  The T1-11 siding had been installed incorrectly many years before we acquired the building in late 2006. The T1-11 was missing the Z flashing that prevents rain from entering the building – not such a good thing in Western Washington.  We were on the lookout for some used material to go over the T1-11, and this cabin’s metal roof was just over twice as long as we needed.

Installing salvaged metal roofing as siding at The RE Store
Installing salvaged metal roofing as siding at The RE Store in Bellingham

On a dry summer day a few weeks later, our crew installed the roofing as siding.  We’re pleased to report it snapped together just fine for the second time in its life, and went up very quickly, too.  We expect the north wall to be good for another 50 years!