Making Beautiful Use of Scrap Wood – a RE Store Rockstar Headboard

Jenn’s Headboard in Progress

Jenn Anderson was in need of a headboard for her bed, and wanted to find an inexpensive and creative  way to build something for herself. She saw a chair made of scrap wood in a shop in Ballard that was her initial inspiration. She only had a chop saw for this project, which set parameters for her design; she could only make short cuts. Jenn found the plywood backing on the side of the road in for free, and bought 2 2×4’s new to make the frame.  She then headed to The RE Store for the small pieces of various woods including pine, bamboo, and mahogany bits – making it about 80-85% reclaimed material!

Jenn’s Headboard in Bedroom

This was her first big carpentry project to tackle, and she felt like she learned a lot in the process – only having one snafu when she was mounting the boarder pieces (which she thinks were probably too hard for the type of screw she was using).  Other than needing to figure out how to brace it to the wall, she is very happy to have the new furniture piece in her home – something low cost that she created!

The designer builders at Revision Division have made similar headboards, table tops, and wall hangings out of scrap wood. If you like the look of this project but would rather skip the building step, stop by the store or check out our Instagram to see our inventory.

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!