DIY: Build a shoe rack from a closet door

Shoe racks are a wonderful way to organize your entryway, but they can be expensive. Here’s a quick and easy shoe rack designed by Tim O’Donnell in the Manufacturing Waste Diversion program. You may even have all the items you need at home!


  • Two matching bifold louvered doors.
  •  A saw
  • Finish nails

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Select your bi-fold doors. The ideal selection will have an upper half that has louvers and a bottom half with an inset panel.
  2. Cut the doors in half, ensuring that the frame around the bottom half is even. The bottom half will be the structure of your shoe rack. Repeat this step on the other door. 
  3. Deconstruct the upper halves, pulling the frames apart and pulling all the louvers out. The louvers will be the slats that your shoes sit on. 
  4. Using your saw, cut out the rectangle center from the panel. Carefully break out the remnants of the inset panel from the frame so that only the frame remains. Again, repeat this step with the other door. 
  5. Stand the two panel frames on their edges. Using your finish nails, connect the two frames together with louvers at the top, bottom, left and right corners. 
  6. Using a spacer such as a pencil, screwdriver or piece of scrap wood, evenly space all the louvers along the top and bottom of the shoe rack.
  7.  Attach louvers with finish nails.
  8. If desired, add louvers to the sides to prevent shoes from falling out. You can also sand, paint or stain your shoe rack to match your decor.