A rose is a rose is a toilet seat, unless it gets away

toilet with rose flower
Have you ever visited The RE Store's Lavatory Lounge in Seattle?

by Kristin Hill

Quite a few years ago, my partner and I decided to go to The RE Store to look for some building materials for him.  When we walked in, I spotted a fantastic vintage pink plastic toilet seat.  The most intriguing (for lack of a better word) thing about this toilet seat was that the lid was a raised plastic rose, made out of the same great old vintage pink plastic material.  It was a one of a kind item that I had to have.

The walls of our bathroom are painted lavender and I thought this would be perfect in our bathroom. The price was inexpensive at $5.00.  I told my partner that I wanted to buy it and asked him what he thought about it.  Mistake!  He said something to the effect of his masculinity not being able to deal with a pink toilet seat. He also said that it would hurt if he sat on the raised rose lid to clip his toenails.

At this time, my partner and I had just started co-habitating together and since everything in the house was mine, I decided that maybe I should demonstrate how I was willing to work together and give in on some things, so I sadly did not purchase the toilet seat.  It kept haunting me and I went back a week later, but of course, it was gone.

We are married now and today if that pink toilet seat was there, I would buy that thing and put it in my bathroom immediately.  I no longer ask.