New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year! Did you sit down with your favorite decomposition notebook this New Year and set resolutions for a better more-you, you? Well, here at The RE Store our New Years resolutions are simple: be a better, more informed resource for our community.

Last week at our annual staff retreat we took a day to get together as a team and determine what that looks like. We discussed our 2017 strategic objectives, worked on learning new skills, and indicated what skills we’d like to improve in the future. We invite you to visit the store and test our newfound knowledge.

For a visual story of what we did, visit our Flickr page and read the different photo descriptions.

Provide Flood Relief

Rebuilding efforts from Whatcom County's historical flooding is just beginning. We have the opportunity to provide our community members with affordable, readily available materials from The RE Store. Together, we can generate $10,000 in rebuilding efforts. From now until January 28th, buy a flood relief gift card to The RE Store and we will match your gift to double your impact.