‘Second Nature: A Mystery Box Challenge’

Second Nature Banner

In partnership with Allied Arts of Whatcom County, we present Second Nature: A Mystery Box Challenge, a friendly competition for local artists this April. As a part of Allied Arts’ 2017 Recycled Arts Resource Expo (RARE), participants will have access to a box of pre-selected random reclaimed materials from The RE Store to use in creating an art piece to be entered into a juried contest.

The mystery box challenge is our way of participating in the fifth annual RARE show. Hosted by Allied Arts of Whatcom County, RARE is a two-day exhibition held April 7th and 8th in downtown Bellingham. Made up of a series of artistic events showcasing creative ways to reuse, RARE includes fun activities, like: Welding Rodeo, Trash Fashion, Recycled Art shows, Procession of the Species, Appliance Derby, and the Second Nature: Mystery Box Challenge.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with The RE Store through this spring’s RARE events”, says Katy Tolles, Artist Services Coordinator of Allied Arts. “The mystery box challenge is a fun way for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved — even people who consider themselves un-artistic.”

Inspired by the popular TV show Chopped, participants of the mystery box challenge will receive a box of mixed materials and then have two weeks to create an art piece that draws inspiration for the animals, plants and landscapes of the natural world. All items in the mystery box, including glass, ceramic, wood, metal and plastic pieces are reclaimed and recycled materials curated from The RE Store.

Second Nature: A Mystery Box Challenge is open for registration March 6 -18, 2017 for a $30 fee that covers registration and materials. Participants may use a small amount of materials they curate themselves, but not more than 25% of the mystery box contents. Completed pieces will be displayed at Wandering Oaks Fine Arts Gallery in downtown Bellingham through the month of April.

There will be a cap of 15 participants and registration is first come, first served, so early registration is encouraged. Individuals interested in participating can visit restore.org/get-involved/events for an application or email communications@re-store.org for more information.

“As a nonprofit organization who has spent nearly 25 years building opportunities for creative reuse in our community, we look forward to RARE each year,” says Kurt Gisclair, Director of The RE Store. “We are inspired by the ingenuity that we see through all the RARE events, and look forward to a very innovative mystery box exhibition.”

For more information about the mystery box challenge, visit our events page.