Revision Division

Revision Division

Building hand crafted furniture from reclaimed materials.

David in Revision Division Shop

David in Revision Division Shop

Revision Division is a two man team born from the desire to give a second life to valuable used building materials in order to reduce the need for virgin material extraction. We are Matt Vaughn and David Spangler, Bellingham, WA based designers and builders. Working out of our shop in The RE Store, we build hand-made functional furnishings out of repurposed materials.

We respect what these used, but salvageable materials represent – virgin material and transportation costs. Since 2011, we have crafted hundreds of individually designed pieces of functional furnishings out of repurposed components from the retail floors in our reclaimed building material center. In doing so, we have repurposed tons of valuable materials that are less likely to find a re-use in their original intention. We consider our program a design/build laboratory and testing facility to explore, develop and determine techniques and procedures to craft highly functional, durable and artistically pleasing furniture pieces from these materials.

We each have our own style. Matt prefers to work in metal and draws inspiration from Danish mid-century modern stylings and he is a fan and student of industrial design from the last century. David’s style harkens back to the functional woodworking’s of the early 1900’s, when functionality drove design. He enjoys replicating the patina often found on older wooden furniture and can often be found studying the construction of pieces from a by-gone era.

Despite our style preferences, we both agree that it is the materials that come through The RE Store that drive our designs and creations. We strive to create durable, functional pieces that are built to last, all the while showcasing the materials used in production. We are passionate about promoting the practices of sustainability and enjoy inspiring others and giving back to our community through our work.

Our Team

Matt Vaughn – Designer/Builder

Matt has over 20 years of experience in building and fabrication with a variety of materials before joining the Revision Division team. Knowledge in a wide range of manufacturing techniques was gained at The University of Washington where he earned a BFA in Industrial Design and a second BFA in painting. At the same time he began working in the building salvage industry in Seattle and developed a love for working with reused materials.  Matt has lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years with the last 7 of those in Bellingham.

David Spangler – Designer/Builder

David grew up in Port Townsend, WA, where he was surrounded by local history, Queen Anne buildings, and antiques. He was also exposed to the wood shop early on by his wood working father, who made furniture and toys. In his early twenties, David started creating miniature architectural buildings from found objects, branching out later to build several larger wall hanging architectural art pieces from salvaged building materials. A Bellingham resident since 1988, David found his way to The RE Store in 1995 and has been working for us, off and on, ever since. In 1998, he fabricated re-purposed bookshelves from salvaged materials,and then started an earth friendly debris hauling business that ran for over seven years. Returning to work for The RE Store in 2006, David implemented The RE Store’s successful furniture repair program in December of 2013 that continues today. Ever excited about up-cycling, and the creation, design, and building of products based off of unwanted materials, he joined the Revision Division team in February, 2015.

And a big thank you to Eberhard Eichner, who was our original Lead Designer/Builder. We couldn’t have gotten this program going without his creative force, infectious passion for and innovation with salvage materials, and we appreciate his 4 years with us!

Shop from home

You can now purchase Revision Division hand-made furnishings on Etsy. Visit our shop to see our latest designs.

Photo Gallery

Check out our Flickr gallery or come in to our store to see Revision Division pieces.

Your feedback is important to us, whether it is an idea for a piece or constructive criticism of items in use. Please contact us with your inquiries.