Baddest Stereo Cabinet in the World – Former Steamer Trunk

Climate-controlled Steamer Trunk Stereo Cabinet

Designer / builder:
Peter Ogden

Madhat Design

Project Title:
Baddest Stereo Cabinet in the World

Materials used:
The trunk itself is the key reused component, left with all the old labels and patina.  Internal wood paneling, cooling system and gas shock openers are all new. Cooling fans are wired to an internal thermostat to keep the equipment from cooking itself. It took a few different trips to get the proper gas shocks that would open it in the desired way. Check out the video of it opening (more info and photos below):

Details and personal notes:

Closed trunk
All labels and hardware left "as is"

Peter says, “I love the style and elegance of these type of trunks. From what I understand, the term “steamer trunk” is a bit of a misnomer because a true steamer trunk defines the short flat trunks, sitting only about a foot or so high. My objective with these trunks is to give more function to the obvious form. I aim to keep the worn integrity of the hardware and labels intact while turning the insides into something functional. Some ideas would be cigar humidifiers, clothing dressers, or liquor cabinets.”

Trunk interior - closeup
Trunk interior - closeup

“Sure, you can put stuff on top of it, but would you really want to put something IN it? I have never opened a trunk that didn’t smell bad or contain some sort of mold. Anyways, the goal of this project was to conceal the stereo equipment in a family room. Not only does the trunk hide the receiver and Xbox consoles, but the big subwoofer get’s hidden as well, as it sits behind the trunk. It’s pretty cool that I can also access and control the receiver from my mobile phone. This lets music play, and the equipment remains concealed.”