RE Store Rockstar: Seren”dip”ity

Project Title: Seren”dip”ity Room

Project Description: A “Garden Dip” experience on Whidbey Island.  Born Spring 2010, a room with a Garden and Harbor View. Doors fold open to the west, sunsets, & Great Evening Skies. Windows are placed for Views Out,  while views from the Outside In are blocked.  In the garden,  windows are hanging from a trellis and set on posts that sway on their old hinges.

Salvage Materials Used: Materials  from The RE Store – Doors, Windows, & the Claw Foot Tub. Other Salvage: Cedar Shakes, 2×4 lumber, miss mixed paint from local stores Broken concrete and brick for the floor. Garage sales: furniture, lighting and art, AND Seashells from the beach.  Window coverings – hand towels trimmed in old beads.  In garden – windows and hinges, old fence sections, metal window grates as fence sections, salvaged gate and driftwood set on end between trellis rails as easy fence barrier (which fools the dogs).

Instructions or Advice: Think outside the box…. Build as you go, DON’T Worry – Be Happy!

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!