RE Store Rockstar: Mantel, Shelves & Bed

Rockstar: Brad Howard

Project Title: mantel & shelves

Project Description/Salvage Materials Used: A mantel I made using a slab of marble, teak molding, and some brackets that I reinforced to handle the additional weight.  Reflected in the mirror at the landing on the stairs is a bookshelf, also from The RE Store.  Shelving on stairs to loft made by cutting 9-foot boards in half.

Project Title: bed & rack

Project Description/Salvage Materials Used: RE Store materials in the photos are the bed head and foot boards, bleacher board on the sides of the bed, paneling on the wall, and molding above the paneling. The clothes rack was made from brackets and a large dowel, and mounted on the sloping ceiling because a wall mount would have been too low.

Instructions or Advice: Measure twice, cut once (or if you make a slight mistake in this department, deflect attention away from your own incompetence by pointing out that “that board is the wrong size.” Most people won’t think to question how it got that way!).

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!