Thank you Misha for your 10 years of loyal service!


After ten years of loyal service, Misha the cat is retiring from The RE Store. Misha was adopted from a foster home into the old RE Store on Holly Street, where she efficiently curtailed the rodent population and mostly kept to herself in the conference room. In the new store, she became comfortable with people and assumed a new role as feline greeter. Her fans would look for her curled up on her chair of the day. She was sometimes proactive about receiving attention, sitting on the floor, looking up and meowing at whomever walked by. She also visited staff in their offices, slept in sunny windows and generally kept tabs on her 20,000 square foot territory.

Misha is a sweetheart whose presence added another dimension to The RE Store. We thank her for her loyalty, rodent chasing and greeting duties! We will miss her, and wish her many cozy evenings and enjoyment with her new, stable cat-loving family.