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Getting it done

Previews and bids are free. To contact our licensed and insured salvage services crew, please contact Marj Leone at (360) 815-4339,

CONTRACTORS – Be a hero for your client – get a free preview or bid

Give us enough advance notice to preview and bid your project and we will give you an estimate for removing materials, allowing you to save on removal labor and disposal fees. Be a green building hero for your client when you give them a tax receipt for the materials that would have cost money to throw away.

Our Salvage Services crew will come to your job site, home, business, storage facility to preview your project and let you know what we can remove for free, what we will salvage and whether or not you’ll be eligible for a tax receipt or trade credit. We also give free estimates on green demolitions of smaller structures.


We save you money on disposal and removal costs

Let us save you a trip to the dump and the disposal fees. Any project can benefit from salvage and reuse, be it a kitchen remodel or a full building demolition. Call us before you start your project to find out what we can pick up or salvage. We will pick up or salvage unwanted items like: cabinets, doors, flooring, windows, and hardware. You, or your client, will receive a tax receipt or in-store trade credit for the materials you donate to our non-profit organization.


Safety and efficiency

Safety is the highest priority for The RE Store salvage crew. The RE Store Salvage Crew is compliant with EPA standards for lead safety. Our experienced crew members are some of the safest, fastest, and most innovative salvage specialists in the Pacific Northwest.


Why choose to reuse?

Reuse is one of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint.  Even better than recycling, it decreases the need for logging, mining, manufacturing and transportation.  Reuse is wise stewardship of our planet’s resources.


Over 2,800,000 pounds saved per year = The weight of 3 fully loaded Boeing 747’s

Our licensed and insured salvage services partners with many contractors and homeowners throughout Whatcom County. Our crews visit almost 1000 job sites per year. We have established ourselves as reliable partners with a great majority of the other salvage and reuse retailers in the Whatcom County.


If you or someone you know is getting ready to remodel, demolish, or clean out building materials, call our Salvage Services AHEAD OF TIME to schedule a preview, pick-up, salvage, or deconstruction project. View our “Donations” page to learn more about what we are unable to accept.

Get a free preview or bid today

To contact our licensed and insured salvage crew, please contact Marj Leone at (360) 815-4339,