“Sink” your teeth into this: brand new Caroma’s at The RE Store!

The Seattle store just received 25 pallets of brand-new, in-the-box Caroma sinks last Friday – that is about 500+ sinks!   There are 10 varieties of both wall hung and pedestal style sinks, and most are either white or off-white in color.  They are priced to sell – at $90/94 – and would be great for anyone in the market for one sink – or quantity for an apartment building or similar project.  Caroma designs stylish fixtures, while manufacturing with sustainability in mind.  They just needed to offload this lot due to warehouse space reduction in the Seattle area, and we were at the right place at the right time (we met their spokesperson at an outreach event).  Bellingham will be receiving a shipment of these next week – so spread the word, and come check them out in both stores!

Provide Flood Relief

Rebuilding efforts from Whatcom County's historical flooding is just beginning. We have the opportunity to provide our community members with affordable, readily available materials from The RE Store. Together, we can generate $10,000 in rebuilding efforts. From now until January 28th, buy a flood relief gift card to The RE Store and we will match your gift to double your impact.