Shoji Salvage – Screens From Reclaimed Fir Beams

Designer/Builder: Jacki DeVincent

Project Title: Shakti Shoji Screens

Salvage Materials: All of the wood elements

Project Description from Jackie: We were able to make a group of 8 Shoji doors for a couple in Greenlake out of Reclaimed Fir from The RE Store in Seattle.  There was this group of  6″ x 12″ Fir beams that had been hanging in a parking garage, mostly to hold conduit.  They’d been painted and were pretty aged when we got them, but the grain looked tight.   It turned out to be perhaps the finest Fir I have ever seen.    Beautiful VG Fir was lying below,  with grain too fine to count rings without magnification.  It was dry, straight, stable and wonderfully light – perfect for Shoji screens.

I still have some material from these beams and use it on other smaller projects when I can.  I am delighted that something this special and precious could be brought to light again and appreciated for the beauty in function that it brings.  Whenever someone wonders about the quality that can be found in recycled lumber, I pull out one of these pieces.  Places like The RE Store make this possible.