Salvage Materials Transformed into Fun Garden Art at The Purple Bench

When Lynn Cushway built the little out building on her Oak Harbor property in 2002, she had no idea that it would eventually become The Purple Bench – Antiques & Gardens shop.  But as this creative lady retired last year, she realized that all her years of collecting antiques, recycling materials and creating beautiful landscapes had an obvious intertwined outcome, and she began her business in June of 2010.  This unique shop carries an array of refurbished and repurposed antiques and items for home and garden.

Best of all are those unique items that she creates herself.  She says that inspiration usually comes from the item itself that she has saved from going to the landfill.  She has transformed everything from culvert pipe and oak barrel metal bands to claw foot tubs and watering cans.



“Orb” was created with metal bands from collapsed oak barrel planters, old glass or metal doorknob, metal rod. The bands were drilled with hole at either end. A 36″ metal rod was inserted through the bands, leaving enough at top for a finial ( i.e. door knob) and enough in the bottom to stick “Orb” into the ground.





The “Bubbler” Fountain was made from a piece of concrete culvert pipe.  It is about 4’ tall and the pump sits in a hole dug in the ground covered with a pond liner.  There is a piece of PVC pipe running up the length of pipe through a recycled plastic butter tub which contains glass beads.  The water fills the tub and spills over the sides.


“Watering Can Fountain” spills into an old 4’ claw foot tub (you can see the sprinkling water if you look hard).  The pump is in the bottom of the tub and the hose runs through the waste holes and is buried in the bark.  The hose runs up the back side of the purple bench through a hole in the watering can and down in the spout.  In the background is an old manure spreader.   The “Patio Labyrinth” is a combination of recycled bricks and flat rocks creating a labyrinth design.   “I saw this done at a shop in Coupeville using whole and half pavers” Lynn says “You can find inspiration anywhere you look around!”

"Watering Can Fountain" and "Patio Labyrinth"

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!