RE Store Rockstar Project: Chicken Coop

Chicks in Shipping Crate. Photo by Barbara Christensen.

Rockstar: Barbara Christensen

Project: Egg to chicken to egg

Salvaged materials used : Shipping crates, a dismantled shed, lots of random wood, end of a tarpaper roll and roof shingles leftover from a neighbor’s renovation, cabinet doors, an old drawer for the nest box,  stair rail for the roost & paint.

Project Description: We raised chicks indoors inside  a shipping crate and then made a doublewide when we ran late on the coop 🙂 We converted an old shed we scored at the RE Store to this high-rise coop (always account for the height of your footings in the design, we learned!). Our five ladies love it, and there’s room for a few more next year.

RE Store-inspired Coop. Photo by Barbara Christensen.

Instructions or Advice : Design your project to match standard sized material s as much as possible for when you DO need to buy anything.


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