MetroPaint: paint made from paint

The RE Store has been carrying MetroPaint at the Bellingham location for quite some time – but as of this month the Seattle store is selling this 100% recycled latex paint too!  Cheaper than new, this 100% recycled latex paint is produced in Portland by the city’s recycling program.  Since 1992 they’ve recycled more than a million gallons of latex paint creating this award-winning line of paints.  It is tested for safe levels of lead, mercury and VOCs and can be used inside or out.  We currently stock 8 colors with 5 others available through special order for $14 gal/$55 5-gal.  Come find out more about MetroPaint  – now in both stores!

Only Bellingham is currently receiving used paint at The RE Store. For more info on the MetroPaint Program, go to (search ‘metropaint’).