June manager specials

It’s that time of the month! This June our weekend manager specials are as diverse as you are.

A few of our sales are simple – 20% off tile, doors or lawn & garden. A few are more fun! There are plenty of things with wheels around the store. If you’ve got your eye on something, shop from June 16th – 18th for 20% off. Show us your creative spirit and inspire us with your up-cycle know-how on June 23rd – 25th. We encourage you to be your most innovative self and find something to up-cycle for 20% off.

Provide Flood Relief

Rebuilding efforts from Whatcom County's historical flooding is just beginning. We have the opportunity to provide our community members with affordable, readily available materials from The RE Store. Together, we can generate $10,000 in rebuilding efforts. From now until January 28th, buy a flood relief gift card to The RE Store and we will match your gift to double your impact.