Inventory Update: Solar Hot Water Heaters

We’ve got solar hot water heaters in stock. Otherwise known as evacuated tube water heaters, this system works by absorbing sunlight and converting it into heat and is one component of a solar hot water system.

How it works

The collector tubes are made of one continuous glass tube with two layers.  The inside part of the tube is coated in a dark blue solar selective layer.  A copper pipe filled with methyl alcohol runs down the entire length of the tube.  When exposed to sunlight, the glass heats up the copper which heats up the alcohol.  The heat is all brought up to the tip of the copper rod aka the heat exchange bulb at the open end of the glass tube.  Each heat exchange bulb is installed into a manifold in which water circulates past.  Typically this water is stored in a tank and constantly circulates back through the manifold to reach desired temperature. Tubes and completed set up should not be left in sunlight unless hooked up to a water system.

Each unit comes with a frame and manifold, assembled with small (travel toothpaste size) tube of conductive heat paste.  We have different sized units, with either 20 or 30 tubes, ranging in price from $350- $450. Stop by the store or give us a call for more information.