Reuse and design inspiration

You may have seen some of these examples in our email newsletter in mid 2009 but these are some truly inspirational examples of re-purposed materials.

The Web Ecoist gives us all kinds of out-of-the-box examples of inspiration for furniture. is a great place to find creative ideas and innovations like these top-notch pieces by Rupert Blanchard in the UK. Our very own custom window designer in Bellingham, Nia Sayers, has had her work shown on Apartment Therapy as well!

Check out the creative uses of salvaged materials like a wall that is also shelving made from stainless sinks. Check out their link under the objects menu for the “Sink wall” here

This is what it could look like if you made chairs from 55 gallon drums or shopping carts.

Here is a whole passel of ideas of odd, kitschy, and practical things to do with old drawers, desks, and other almost dead doodads on

If you can’t pass up that bottled beverage, what else can you do with it other than recycle it? How about building an entire temple out of bottles? Check out the Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew temple in Thailand. Talk about daylighting* a structure!
*Daylighting is the use of natural daylight to illuminate the inside of a building.