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Licensed and Bonded Building Salvage Services

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We save you money on disposal and removal costs
Why choose salvage?
Contractors: Let us help you outbid your competitors
Over 5 million pounds saved per year
Safety and efficiency
Compliant with EPA standards for lead safety


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Previews and bids are free. To contact our licensed and bonded salvage field service crew, please call:

North Puget Sound, Islands and beyond 
(360) 815-4339
Email Marj Leone


We save you money on disposal and removal costs

Let us save you a trip to the dump and the disposal fees. Any project can benefit from salvage and reuse, be it a kitchen remodel or a full building demolition. Call us before you start your project to find out what we can pick up or salvage/uninstall items at no cost to you. Instead of paying at the transfer station, you receive a tax receipt or in-store trade credit for the materials you donate to our non-profit organization.

We will pick up or salvage unwanted items like:

    • cabinets
    • doors
    • flooring
    • windows
    • trim/moulding
    • lighting and plumbing fixtures
    • hardware
    • and much, much more.


Why choose salvage?

Gain the benefits that include:

    • Lower the disposal costs for your project
    • Let us help you outbid your competitors
    • Gain green building certification points (Built Green, L.E.E.D., etc)
    • Feel good about your wise stewardship of precious resources
    • Support a mission-based non-profit organization
    • Help green job workforce creation from recovered waste
    • Reduce the primary production of new materials: timber and forestry products, mining, manufacturing, storage and transportation
    • Keep the original use of eusable material, rather than being burned as fuel (the typical end result of most “recycled” wood)


CONTRACTORS – Be a hero for your client – get a free preview or bid

Give us enough advance notice to preview and bid your project and we will give you an estimate for removing materials, allowing you to save on removal labor and disposal fees. Be a green building hero for your client when you give them a tax receipt for the materials that would have cost money to throw away.

We will come to your job site, home, business, storage facility or grandpa’s barn to preview your project and let you know what we can remove for free, what we will strip out and what you will receive in return. We also give free estimates on the removal of full or partial buildings.


Over 5,000,000 pounds saved per year = The weight of 6 fully loaded Boeing 747’s

Our licensed and bonded salvage crews partner with major design/build contractors, demolition companies and an extensive network of remodelers and handy home repairers. We have established ourselves as reliable partners with a great majority of the other salvage and reuse retailers in the greater Puget Sound region.

Our services visit over 1,000 job sites per year, picking up and stripping out reusable materials. Major partners have included the City of Seattle, the City of Bellingham, King County, Western Washington University, dozens of school districts throughout Western Washington, multiple military bases,, Microsoft, Safeco Field, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Pacific University, many community colleges, Seattle Children’s Museum, Bellingham Children’s Museum, Sound Transit and Woodland Park Zoo to name a few. Review our list of major projects and contractor partners.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to try to keep materials from being thrown away. It is easier to let you know items that we don’t take. View our “Things we can’t take” pages for Seattle and Bellingham.

Meet our fleet of hard-working, heavy-load-hauling trucks that include Herman, Possum, and others.


Safety and efficiency

Safety is the highest priority for The RE Store field crews, whether de-nailing vertical grain fir flooring, cutting down roof trusses, or lifting a storage shed onto one of our flatbed trucks. The RE Store Salvage Crews are compliant with EPA standards for lead safety. Our experienced crews are some of the safest, fastest, and most innovative salvage specialists in the Pacific Northwest.

If you or someone you know is getting ready to remodel, demolish, or clean out building materials, call our Salvage Services AHEAD OF TIME to schedule a preview, pick-up, salvage, or deconstruction project.

Get a free preview or bid today

To contact our licensed and bonded field crews, please call:

North Puget Sound, Islands and beyond 
(360) 815-4339 
Email Marj Leone

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