Green demolition aka Deconstruction Photo Galleries

Green Demolition aka Deconstruction Photo Series

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This house and barn were deconstructed in 2007 in Auburn, Washington.



This residential deconstruction in West Seattle produced a $60,000 tax rebate for the homeowner, provided retail sales of over $50,000 in materials and a savings of over $15,000 in dump costs, all from one job site.


This 10,000 square foot office building was located at the Canadian border.


A smaller home was taken down in Bellingham, Washington


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Special thanks to Mike Davidson for filming and editing the following time-lapse video of his project.

Why choose green demolition aka deconstruction?

Benefits include:

  • Reduced disposal fees
  • Reduced dust, noise impact for neighbors and soil compaction
  • Reduced environmental impact for sensitive sites like shoreline properties
  • Green building certification points for L.E.E.D., Built Green, etc. are available
  • Tax receipts for donated materials that would incur disposal fees in conventional demolition (Consult a tax professional for details)
  • Stewardship principles are practiced on-site, adding to the growing trend in reducing impacts on our finite natural resources

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