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Green Demolition Case Studies Show Deconstruction Viability

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Download our green demolition aka deconstruction case studies to see how our version of demolition is cost effective for clients and as a commercial business.

  • View the case study of a pan abode house deconstruction in partnership with King County Solid Waste
    pdf Case Study

More things to see

  • Watch a time-lapse video of our crew working on a hybrid “man and machine” green demolition project.
  • Browse our time-lapse photo galleries  to see one of our many deconstruction options that we have been refining since 2000.

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Why choose green demolition aka deconstruction?

The construction and demolition industries are responsible for one-quarter of the waste stream in the U.S.  As dump fees and hauling costs continue to increase, green demolition aka deconstruction is the best option for reducing disposal. By choosing green demolition, up to 98% of a building can be diverted from the waste stream for reuse or recycling. All materials salvaged by The RE Store are considered donations and are tax-deductible. Building permits in Seattle and other areas in Puget Sound are creating incentives for salvage and deconstruction. Benefits include:

  • Reduced disposal fees
  • Reduced dust, noise impact for neighbors and soil compaction
  • Reduced environmental impact for sensitive sites like shoreline properties
  • L.E.E.D. points are available
  • Tax receipts for donated materials that would incur disposal fees in conventional demolition (Consult a tax professional for details)
  • Stewardship principles are practiced on-site, adding to the growing trend in reducing impacts on our finite natural resources

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Green Demolition aka Deconstruction page.