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REvision Division

The RE Store is building affordable, quality furniture from reclaimed materials.

revision collage of pices A tour through the gallery reveals a wide variety of highly functional, stylish items. Shelving, cabinets, benches and chests are built from interior and cabinet doors. Outdoor accouterments like planters and arbors are made from reclaimed lumber, doors, stair railing parts, salvaged hardware and more. Items are built to meet the needs of small spaces and priced to be competitive and affordable.


Who is coming up with all these great ideas?

Eberhard Eichner – Lead Designer/Builder

With an extensive 35 year background in all aspects of custom woodworking, design and manufacturing procedures, Eberhard has been the creative force and artistic originator of repurposed furniture at The REvision Division since 2011. He has been transforming marginal, “orphaned” and discarded materials into functional and beautiful pieces. His work furthers the re-purpose process and empowers the community through education, design consultation and shared experimentations. Eberhard was born, raised and received his journeyman’s certificate in Berlin, Germany. He has been residing in the Northwest since 1978, in Whatcom County since 2001. He gives the credit to the foundation of his re-purpose skills to his family’s imaginative resourcefulness through necessity and fun.

Matt Vaughn – Designer/Builder

Matt has over 20 years of experience in building and fabrication with a variety of materials before joining the REvision Division team. Knowledge in a wide range of manufacturing techniques was gained at The University of Washington where he earned a BFA in Industrial Design and a second BFA in painting. At the same time he began working in the building salvage industry in Seattle and developed a love for working with reused materials.  Matt has lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years with the last 7 of those in Bellingham.

Do It Yourself Videos

Our Youtube channel hosts an ever-growing list of how-to videos. Check them out!

Build Furniture From Used Hollow Core Doors

Time: 4:55

How To Make Fast Furniture Joints With Reclaimed Materials

Time: 2:47

How to Build a Bookshelf from Reclaimed Cabinet Doors

Time: 8:52

Decorative Trim Without Mitres: Easy Cabinet Facelifts Using Scrap Trim‬

Time: 4:54

How to make small tables from recycled materials – Part 1:Table Underpinnings


Make tables from recycled materials 2: Edging with trim

Time: 6:11

Beautiful Examples

Check out the photos below or come in to our Bellingham store to see the new REvision Division gallery.

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REvision Division

148 photos

  • WWU doors become tables
  • WWU doors become tables
  • WWU doors become tables
  • WWU doors become tables
  • Urns
  • Chess Set
  • Chess Set
  • "Little Free Library"
  • "Little Free Library"
  • Mirror & Chalk Board
  • Chalk Board
  • Mirror
  • Mirror & Chalk Board
  • Lion's Head Mirror
  • Hall Bench
  • Book Tower
  • Blanket Chest
  • Road Sign, Oak and Bamboo Charging Station
  • Bamboo Charging Station
  • Wicker Chair revisioned
  • Wash Basin revisioned
  • Salvage side table
  • Greenhouse made with Itek cast-off solar panel glass
  • "RE-Morris" chair
  • Chair From Doors
  • frame
  • chest
  • cabinet
  • bench
  • shutter bench
  • bench
  • 20140221_092211
  • coffee tables and bookshelves
  • Bookshelves from Bunkbeds
  • photo 3(4)
  • 20140102_113520
  • 20140102_113442
  • 20140102_112941
  • 20140102_094806
  • 20140102_115336
  • 20140102_115210
  • 3-legged Hall Seat
  • Wall Cabinets
  • PA170016
  • IMG_2237
  • IMG_2240
  • P1100990
  • P1100982
  • P1100973
  • P1100997
  • "Dream Bench"
  • "Sweet Little Chest"
  • "Faux Plantation Bookcase"
  • "Big Chest"
  • "The Long Bench"
  • "Inside Out Arbor"
  • "Throne Cabinet"
  • Cedar Tool Tote or Magazine Holder
  • Cedar Window Boxes and Planters
  • Mother’s Powder Room Set
  • Mother’s Powder Room Set
  • Side tables / End tables / Coffee tables
  • Blanket Chest
  • Hallmark of the Hall
  • Tech Corner Cabinets
  • The Mother of All Benches
  • Mother of All Benches 2
  • Wall cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Stool
  • Wall vanity cabinets
  • Bench - Crib Rail
  • bench - Curvy rail
  • Bench chest
  • Black board sandwich board collection-video sized
  • Blanket chest
  • Classic-Bench
  • Corner cabinet-cropped
  • Desks or tall tables with stool
  • Eberhard-smiles-with-vanity-web
  • Little table
  • Materials-raw-molding and drawer fronts-video sized
  • Mirror trio - Dec 2011
  • Mirrors and wall-hung vanity
  • Pool cue hat tree
  • Shelving montage
  • Table - Dining set
  • Table with stools and chests
  • Trestle table
  • Short table - cabinet door sides IMG_9509
  • Short table - cluster legs - img 9511
  • Short table - open stretchers IMG_9507
  • Short table ensemble -smaller
  • Willows doors-after-in shop
  • Chalkboard for The Shakedown in Bellingham
  • Corner table with wild edges
  • Garden planter and box planter stand
  • Mirror - Wall hung coat rack - and bulletin boards
  • Old style school desk remake
  • Trio chair bench


Since 2011, our team has crafted over 500 individually-designed pieces of functional furnishings each year. These have all been built from repurposed building materials in our own two stores.

  • Building techniques are being developed that increase the speed and efficiency of creating furniture from reclaimed materials.
  • We consider it REvision Division a “laboratory” and testing facility for materials and ideas.
  • Custom designs meet the needs of individual home owners and businesses.

Our designers explore, develop and determine techniques and procedures to craft highly functional, durable and pleasing furniture from these materials:

    • Hollow-core, louver and other random doors
    • “Orphaned “ cabinet doors
    • Salvaged lumber and molding
    • Flooring remnants
    • Ceramic and Glass
    • Mismatched furniture components
    • Miscellaneous hardware and metal
    • Woodcraft production overruns
    • Incomplete stair parts
    • Showroom samples
    • Whatever else strikes our fancy

Your feedback is important to us, whether it is an idea for a piece or constructive criticism of items in use. Please contact us with your inquiries.


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