Recycled Art Program: Recycled Arts Show, Art Station & More

Make Art, Not Trash With Recycled Art Happenings

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Art, design and creative reuse that focuses on used, found and scrounged materials is nothing new. Recycled art can take many form: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, fashion design and accessories, interactive, mechanical, electronic, kinetic and multimedia works. Sustainability is a rapidly growing trend in the art and design worlds that we have been supporting and showcasing since 1999. Our program includes:

The Annual Recycled Arts Show

Our Recycled Arts Show occurs in April of each year, featuring multiple art and design galleries, and other events in Seattle and Bellingham.  Visit the 2014 Recycled Arts Show page to check out current galleries and events, and find links to image galleries of shows from years past.

Recycled Art Innovators

We welcome new ideas and partner possibilities with The RE Store. If you or someone you know has a good idea for furthering reuse, recycling, art, trash fashion, and related topics, please contact us .

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