Donate Building Materials

Reduce Your Waste And Support Local Jobs

Save money on disposal, reduce waste and contribute to a non-profit organization!

If you are finishing a remodel project or cleaning out the garage, don’t pay money to dump usable building materials or let them rot in the backyard! Donate your unwanted items and give back to the community.

donation-acceptance-guidelines What do we accept?

We accept a very wide variety of building supplies, business furniture, home decor, yard and garden items, architectural salvage, and occasionally unique antiques. View our donation acceptance guidelines for more information.  Visit our recycling page for more information on other recycling options in Whatcom County.

Hours to drop off materials

Drop-offs are accepted at the store from 9-5 Monday-Saturday and 10-4 on Sundays. 
Drop-offs are not accepted during the last hour of each day.

What’s in it for you?

Depending on the materials that you bring in or have picked up, you can be eligible for:

  • In-Store Trade Credit – for 25% of what we sell the item for. Items picked up by our salvage crew are eligible for 15% trade credit.
  • Tax receipt – you determine the value of your donation to our non-profit organization. Please consult an accountant regarding tax deductions.

Please Call Ahead to find out whether or not we are interested in your items, 360.647.5921.

Picking and choosing materials

While we want to keep as much as we can out of the landfill, we are selective and must view items before accepting them. Call 360.647.5921 if you question whether we can accept your items.

Can’t drop off your items? We offer free pickups.  Visit Salvage Services for more information.