Ways to Donate: Materials, Money and More

Donate to The RE Store

donation-acceptance-guidelines Donate Building Materials

Save money on disposal, reduce waste and donate to our community-based non-profit organization. If you are finishing a new construction project, remodel or just cleaning out the garage, let us help! We accept a wide variety of building supplies, furniture for businesses and homes, and decorative items.

We welcome your building supplies that are in good reusable condition up until 1 HOUR BEFORE CLOSING. We also pick up items, and do light deconstruction to recover usable materials.

Visit our Donate Materials page to learn more.

Donate funds or become a business sponsor

Over 300 people walk through our store each day, creating opportunities to share information about our partners and sponsors with them. In addition to our stores, our constellation of web-based sites and social media see multiple thousands of visitors each week. Our email newsletter is broadcast to almost 5000 receptive readers as well and that number grows each month. Visit our Business Sponsor page for more information.

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Contribute your time and energy

Volunteer on projects in the store, with events, on salvage jobs, organizing and merchandising – what do you love to do?

Become an intern– we have several potential positions and projects available to meet your interests, studies, or career goals.

Fulfill community service hours for infractions against the law.