Ways to Donate: Materials, Money and More

Donate to The RE Store

Donate Building Materialsdonation-acceptance-guidelines

Save money on disposal, reduce waste and contribute to our community-based non-profit organization. If you are finishing a new construction project, remodel or just cleaning out the garage, let us help! Don’t pay money to dump usable building materials or let them rot in the backyard! We accept a wide variety of building supplies, furniture for businesses and homes, and decorative items.

We welcome your building supplies that are in good reusable condition up until 1 HOUR BEFORE CLOSING. We also pick up items, and strip out salvageable items, to recover materials for reuse.

Visit our Donate Materials page  to get the details and to see what you get in return.

Donate funds or become a business sponsor

Over 300 people walk through our store each day, creating opportunities to share information about our partners and sponsors with them. In addition to our stores, our constellation of web-based sites and social media see multiple thousands of visitors each week. Our email newsletter is broadcast to almost 5000 receptive readers as well and that number grows each month.
Visit our Business Sponsor page for more informatio .

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Contribute your time and energy

Volunteer on projects in the store, with events, on salvage jobs, organizing and merchandising – what do you love to do?

Become an intern– we have several potential positions and projects available to meet your interests, studies, or career goals.

Fulfill community service hours for infractions against the law.

Give items we need

Consider donating your office equipment, tools, supplies, vehicles or your first born.
The RE Store is in need of equipment that includes:

  • Office supplies
  • Current computers (most of ours are 5-8 years old)
  • Copy machine
  • Color printer
  • Appropriate printer cartridges
  • Printing supplies (recycled paper, envelopes, etc.)
  • Newer shop tools (table saw, joiner, planer, etc.)
  • Digital cameras (older ones are fine – at least 5 megapixels please!)

Contact The RE Store to contribute materials for our use. Please specify that they are usable and not for us to sell when you bring them by!

Support our parent organization, RE Sources with in-kind donations as well:   

  • Phone System
  • Video camera
  • Tri-pod
  • Trash bags
  • 6′ bike trailer
  • Garden hoses & nozzles
  • Hardwood bark mulch
  • Cedar bark mulch
  • Wheel barrow
  • Trench shovel
  • Pick ax
  • Services that could help us:
    • carpet cleaning
    • motorboat repair
    • graphic design
    • engineering review
    • legal review
    • chemical testing

Why donate to The RE Store?

The RE Store has an environmentally-responsible retail store  that sells affordable building materials

  • Offering quality alternatives to new products
  • Stocking inexpensive, unique items
    Examples include cabinets, doors, windows, light fixtures, tubs, sinks, flooring, moulding, hardware, etc…

Our salvage services recover wasted materials for reuse and recycling from Washington State and beyond

  • Diverting over 4 million pounds annually of construction & demolition waste
  • Providing quality services and savings builders, home owners and businesses

We promote a green, sustainable culture

  • Encouraging value to be created from waste
  • Exposing a wide variety of people to sustainable lifestyle options

Customers save over $1.6 million annually through RE Store purchases

  • Our sales totaling over 1.6 million dollars each year are based on items priced at 50% or much less than the price of similar new items
  • Saving money for our donors on their disposal fees while contributors receive a tax-deductible receipt or a in-store trade credit

Building community by building skills

  • Developing individual skills for our 25+ staff on an ongoing basis
  • Training people to enter the work force in new ways with our green jobs training program

Connecting with our communities through workshops and events.

Get the full story on all of our do it yourself resources to help you reuse, save money and be creative.