Volunteers and Interns Joining Our Award-Winning Efforts

Volunteer and Make A Difference

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Why volunteer at The RE Store?

The RE Store is an environmentally-responsible retail store  that sells affordable building materials

  • Offering quality alternatives to new products
  • Stocking inexpensive, unique items
    Examples include cabinets, doors, windows, light fixtures, tubs, sinks, flooring, moulding, hardware, etc…

Our salvage services  recover wasted materials for reuse and recycling from Washington State and beyond

  • Diverting over 4 million pounds of construction & demolition waste
  • Providing quality services  and savings builders, home owners and businesses

We promote a green, sustainable culture

  • Encouraging value to be created from waste
  • Exposing a wide variety of people to sustainable lifestyle options

Customers save over $1.6 million annually through RE Store purchases

  • Our sales totaling over 1.6 million dollars each year are based on items priced at 50% or much less than the price of similar new items
  • Saving money for our donors on their disposal fees while contributors receive a tax-deductible receipt or a in-store trade credit

Building community by building skills

  • Developing individual skills for our 25+ staff on an ongoing basis
  • Training people to enter the work force in new ways with our green jobs training program

Connecting with our communities through workshops, and events.

What volunteer and internship positions are available?

Volunteering can take many forms at The RE Store. Possibilities include:

  • Working with us on projects to improve our store facilities
  • Participating in our Green Jobs Training Program for job force retraining and resume’ building
  • Helping out with outreach and community events
  • Interning with us to develop your skills and strengths – interns could focus on many different aspects of our efforts, including:

√ Interpretive displays
√ Web-based outreach and marketing
√ Workshop and event production
√ Partner and sponsorship opportunities
√ Salvage and green demolition aka deconstruction
√ Store merchandising and inventory
√ Info displays and store signage
√ Logging “Community Service” hours for minor law infractions

How do I get started?

Fill out the volunteer or community service application and then email to Volunteer Coordinator Andy Eddy at andye@re-store.org.