Thrifty Gift Ideas ~ Quick Gift Ideas From Used Materials


thrifty gift idea collageIt’s not too late to pull together a thrifty gift for your beloved or to whip something together for a gift exchange. All you need is 5-25 minutes in The RE Store to get any of these pre-made gifts or materials for any of these quick projects. Please steal these ideas for cheap and quick gifts. As a plan B, trusty gift certificates are available in any amount from our friendly store staff at either of our two stores.

Idea #1: RE Framing reality

How about turning a used cabinet door from The RE Store into a picture frame? We have lots of interesting window and door trim to create your own frames from as well.
Cost: $1.00 – $12.00

Idea #2: Tile Style

Find a cool stone tile or piece of granite for that perfect hot pad in our tile section. Buy a pile of four-inch tiles for coasters – you might want to stick some felts on the bottom if you need to protect your tables.
Cost: $1.00 – $5.00

Idea #3: 
Turn On

Paint or decopage a custom light-switch cover from our wide selection of gently used cover plates.
Cost: $.50 – $5.00

Idea #4: Hitch up your drawers

Make a small bookshelf or night stand from a cabinet drawer. Just tip the drawer up so that what was once the bottom of the drawer is now the back of the cabinet.
Drawers can also make nice wall organizers if you stack multiple drawers together.
Cost: $3.00 – $12.00

More involved projects:

Kid’s kitchen

Convert an entertainment center or a simple upper cabinet into a kids play kitchen with a sink, some old stove elements (or painted wood circles) and whatever other accoutrements you want to add.
Check out these links for inspiration:
Kid’s kitchen handmade by grandma
How to build a play kitchen from ikea components

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