Mobile Recycled Art Station ~ arts & crafts from scrap and salvaged materials

Mobile Recycled Art Station

Recycled art station collageThe RE Store brings the junk to you!

Make art, not trash…

Imagine piles of fascinating junk, odd hardware, wood, plastic doodads, wire, glue, paint, twine, tools, and people helping each other create art from trash! The Recycled Art Station tours festivals, community celebrations, school, birthday parties and private events all year long.

The Recycled Art Station has been featured at the following festivals: The Seattle International Children’s Festival, The Flowmotion Summer Meltdown, Sustainable Ballard Festival, Tukwila Backyard Wildlife Festival, Shoreline Solar’s Renewable Energy Fair, Duvall Days, Broken Spoke Fest, The Co-op Community Celebration, W.W.U. Earth Day Festival, Bellingham City Parks Summer Camps for Kids, and others.

The Recycled Art Station is available for your event or group. Private parties, club events, block parties and other celebrations can hire the Recycled Art Station. There is a fee associated with the station. Prepare to be amazed at how much fun everyone has. The RE Store will also consider requests for the Art Station to be acknowledged as a sponsor in quality promotion for community events.

The Station gives people the opportunity to:

  • Make fun, funky art and be creative
  • Learn and empower themselves with hand tools
  • Spontaneously share and collaborate on artwork with friends, family, or other community members
  • Discover in a tactile way that trash can be treasure
  • Find out more about The RE Store and our innovative ideas to help people reduce waste and build green

We currently only do this out of our Bellingham store. Contact us for more information or to book the Station.

You might overhear the following conversations at the Recycled Art Station:

“Hey, can anybody see a hammer and would you pass me that rainbow color wire thingy?”
“Sure, but its stuck to this crazy knob so here is the whole thing…”

“Are you using that screwdriver right now? I need it to screw these fuzzy things and these rubber pieces to this wood.”

“Can you help me hold this still while I staple this little plastic bowl onto the back of the little horse I made? Its a saddle!”

“It’s okay that you painted all over that cool tile, pipe, and wire sculpture of yours and dripped some on your sleeve. The paint washes out so your mom won’t care!”

“Sure. You can take it home or you can leave it on the table to be used in someone else’s art project. Do you want a sticker that says, ‘Make Art Not Trash’ ?”

“Awwwww, can’t we stay a little longer?”

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