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2011 Recycled Arts & Fashion Show – our 10 Annual!

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The RE Store has been showcasing art and design work created from reclaimed and salvaged materials for over a decade. We are honored to partner with galleries, educational and non-profit organizations and creatives from throughout the Pacific Northwest. We presented the Northwest’s largest showcase of art and design work created from reclaimed and salvaged materials in April of 2011.

The 2011 Recycled Arts & Fashion Show featured happenings in Seattle, Bellingham and Edison including:

  • Galleries of art and functional design items
  • Trash Fashion Shows were held on April 16th in Seattle and April 23rd in Bellingham
  • Hands-on workshops with the Whatcom Museum & Thor Myhre and Diane Kurzyna aka Ruby Re-Usable
  • “Litter into Art” beach cleanup in Bellingham with Kuros Zahedi and the North Sound Bay Keeper

The Seattle galleries were held at Blowing Sands Glass Studio in Ballard.
Bellingham galleries were held at Allied Arts and The RE Store .
The Smith & Vallee Gallery in Edison exhibited juried artwork.

Get more gallery details below .  

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Gallery information

Our four galleries featured a month-long exhibit of Northwest artisans and designers.


The Blowing Sands Glass Studio displayed both artwork and functional design work from April 9th – May 8th


  Allied Arts logo The RE Store in Bellingham featured a gallery with Functional Design pieces   .

The Allied Arts Gallery displayed artwork from   April 1st – April 30

EDISON GALLERY Smith & Vallee logo

Smith & Vallee Gallery showed juried artwork from April 2nd – April 30th

Trash Fashion Shows

Seattle shows:

Saturday, April 16th – 2 sold out shows – our best ever took place at Ballard’s hub of design and style: The New York Fashion Academy  

Get more info about our last Trash Fashion Show and don’t miss the Photo Gallery.

Bellingham shows:

Saturday, April 23rd – 2 shows featured the work of Northwest Designers and W.W.U. Industrial Design students office of sustainability logo  
In partnership with  W.W.U. Office of Sustainability with support from the A.S. Environmental & Sustainability Programs .

Get more info about our last Trash Fashion Show and don’t miss the Photo Gallery.

Special thanks to Robin Worley, Haute Trash,and Seattle Photography Group.

Recycled Junk Sculpture in the Whatcom Museum’s Family Interactive Gallery (FIG)

The Whatcom Museum joined the junk sculpture celebration in April as the FIG studio celebrated recycled art! As part of the celebration of The RE Store’s 10th Annual Recycled Arts & Fashion Show, families created their own works of art out of cast-off objects with junk supplied by The RE Store! Special workshops were also led by   Thor Myhre and the Bellingham Procession of the Species .

Litter into Art: Beach Cleanup and Art Installation:
April 30th

Litter with a view - beachcleanup

  Professional artist Kuros Zahedi , The RE Store, the North Sound Bay Keeper and Surfriders Foundation cleaned up Locust Beach in Bellingham. Kuros then worked with volunteers to create a temporary art installation from the trash before hauling it all away to be properly recycled and disposed of.

Trash Fairies, Kitchen Goddesses, and Garbage Monsters: Recycled Art Dolls from Household Junk with Ruby Re-Usable

This hands-on workshop in Seattle was led by the one and only Diane Kurzyna aka Ruby Re-Usable , a visual artist and Washington State Arts Commission teaching artist who specializes in mixed recycled media.  Her recycled art work has been exhibited in museums and galleries through out the Pacific Northwest and in art shows around the world.

Photo and video galleries

View online photos galleries of the art from 2011 to present

View online photo galleries from our 2006-2010 Recycled Art Galleries.

View online photo galleries from our Trash Fashion Shows.

See what the press had to say about our 2011 events.

Visit the 2012 Recycled Arts Show page – our 11th annual!

  SPECIAL THANKS to Michael Cline, the Seattle Photography Group and Ruby Re-Usable!

  Special Thanks to our 2011 Recycled Art & Fashion Show Sponsors

These businesses support recycled art and zero waste efforts, sponsoring the 2011 Recycled Art and Fashion Show. Check out their sites and see what they have to offer you!

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Additional thanks to: 

Sanitary Service Company, Inc.
Seattle Photography Group & Michael Cline
John Cornicello Photography

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