Non-profit Since 1993: Reducing Waste and Inspiring Reuse

Non profit recycle logoWhy is a salvage and building supply business a non-profit?

The RE Store is a program of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  RE Sources’ mission is to promote sustainable communities through education, advocacy, recycling and the conservation of natural resources.  The RE Store is one way that we accomplish this mission.

The RE Store’s business model is aimed at serving our communities and achieving our mission, rather than a big bottom line.  We invest into furthering our mission. Our revenue from sales in our retail store and our Field Services keeps us going and growing. We continue to develop programs like our Green Demolition Deconstruction Program , our Green Jobs Training Program, and educational / inspirational events like our hands-on workshops. We support many other great events and give back to community groups.

What is the difference between a non-profit and a for-profit business?

A non-profit business can make money like any other business. That revenue can only be used towards fulfilling it’s mission, which includes covering the costs of employees, overhead, marketing, etc.  Non-profits receive the benefit of not paying corporate taxes on any profits.

A for-profit business makes money for it’s owners or shareholders and is not bound to a particular mission. Taxes are paid on the profits.


How do we carry out our mission?

The RE Store sells affordable building materials

  • Offering quality alternatives to new products
  • Stocking inexpensive, unique items
    Examples include cabinets, doors, windows, light fixtures, tubs, sinks, flooring, moulding, hardware, etc…

Our Field Services recover wasted materials for reuse and recycling from Washington State and beyond

  • Diverting over 5 million pounds of construction & demolition waste annually
  • Providing quality services and savings for builders, home owners and businesses

We promote a green, sustainable culture

  • Encouraging value to be created from waste
  • Exposing a wide variety of people to sustainable lifestyle options

Customers save over $1.6 million annually through RE Store purchases

  • Our sales totaling over 1.6 million dollars each year are based on items priced at 50% or less than the price of similar new items
  • Saving money for our donors on their disposal fees while contributors receive a tax-deductible receipt or a in-store trade credit

Building community by building skills

  • Developing individual skills for our 25+ staff on an ongoing basis
  • Training people to enter the work force in new ways with our green jobs training program
  • Connecting with our communities through workshops and events.

The RE Store is a leader in the used building materials industry, a valued member of the communities we serve, and a winner of local, state, and national awards.

How can you get more involved?

√ Shop at our store 
√ Hire our Field Services to pick up or salvage strip materials from your remodel
√ Receive our  free email updates
√ Like and follow our latest happenings on Facebook
√ Subscribe to our Twitter feed
Volunteer in many different parts of our non-profit organization
Become an intern – we have many potential positions and projects available
to meet your interests, studies, or career goals

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The RE Store is a program of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, a waste reduction and sustainability non-profit organization based in Bellingham, Washington.   To learn more about RE Sources and it’s other programs that are helping to ensure a healthy quality of life in the Pacific Northwest, visit the website.

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