Business Partnerships That Creates Win-Win Relationships

Business partnership and sponsorship

business partner photoThe RE Store works with an ever-expanding network of businesses and organizations to accomplish our mission and conduct our day-to-day operations. We have developed mutually beneficial relationships with businesses that we promote and refer customers to on a daily or weekly basis.

Why would your business partner with The RE Store?

Over 300 people walk through our stores each day, creating opportunities to share information about our partners with them. In addition to our stores, our constellation of web-based sites and social media see multiple thousands of visitors each week. Our email newsletter is broadcast to over 4500 receptive readers as well and that number grows each month and our social media reaches thousands of people each week.

The RE Store is a leader in the used building materials industry, a valued member of the communities we serve and a winner of local, state, and national awards.

Options for business sponsors include the following:

In-store branded signage – your business logo and company description – when you sponsor a department or section of the store in Bellingham.

On-line branded postings – your logo and company description

Sponsor events like our workshops or the annual Recycled Arts and Fashion Show that receives substantial press attention.

To discuss options and see if we are a mutual fit for your outreach and marketing efforts, please contact Samantha Hale.


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