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Hate your light fixtures? Want a new door? Been thinking of adding a bowling alley in the basement?  The RE Store is the place for you.  The everything you need to revamp a space.  Counters, sinks, tile, trim and yes bowling lanes.  It is the kind of place you go to with an idea and then let your creative juices flow as you wander through their vast collection of building supplies.
On our visit we found some really cool Italian drawer pulls for a cabinet we are having made.  They were a bargain at $2 a pop. If you are thinking of a remodel job definitely check here first.
~ Stephen J. 

“I am so thankful for The RE Store.  Not only would all these treasures be buried in a dump somewhere, but they wouldn’t be available to my greedy, frugal, project loving paws!  The people there were super friendly and helpful and are hanging onto it for a few days until I can move it.”
~ Ashley P

“I always find just what I need in your store.”
~ D. Peters

“After searching for ideas via Home Depot and Lowes, I realized this project could be more than I could handle but then I headed to The RE Store today and found the perfect sized 18″ x 48″ cabinet door ($5) and matching wood moulding ($5) that would make this far easier and *affordable*! Now there’s a finished surface that matches our living room’s hardwood floors and it cost us just $10 and about 30min worth of our time.”
~ Sabrina B.

“The cool thing about this place is that there are so many uses old building materials can be put to, not just remodeling a house. You can buy bricks and marble and glass blocks here and go nuts with furniture and craft projects. On the other hand, you can find claw foot tubs and old sinks and sound lumber and hardware and go nuts remodeling your home. Before you head to Home Depot stop here and get what you want for half the price and twice the character. Stock rotates all the time, so it can be a treasure hunt and worth visiting every week.”
~ Maria C.

“As our restorations continue, we are reminded daily of how valuable The RE Store has been for us through this process. To date, every room in our home has benefitted from your business. We thank you for being there for two people who have never restored a home before. We so appreciate being able to find the materials we need to restore the true character of this wonderful old home. With The RE Store’s help, this home will still be standing for another 86 years!”
~ Mike and Becky Schindler

The RE Store deconstructed a strange little house I bought in Shoreline. I was impressed with their organized, careful work – a fascinating process. My contractor estimated that 90% of the materials were either reused in my new house, donated to The RE Store (for which I got a tax receipt), or recycled. It was infinitely superior to bulldozing and hauling off to a landfill! ~Alice Keller .As I have told you many times before, it has been a pleasure working with your company. So many friends and neighbor’s were so pleased we didn’t just bulldoze the house down.
If you ever need a reference please call.
~ Jane Petty

“I love the store!”
~ R. Putt

“Thank you for supplying savings, entertainment, education, history and a great time!”
~ B.E.

Good Golly! In search of a door, a door handle… hinges? Locks? You will find all of these things and then some… and then some… and then some at The RE Store. I had a great time oogling over old windows and pedestal sinks here yesterday afternoon.
~ Katie S.

Contractors and Demolition Clients

“We have many years of great experience in working with The RE Store in salvaging and diverting materials from landfills for beneficial reuse. Their staff have always been professional, efficient, safe and timely in responding to what can often be tough scheduling constraints.”
~ Dave Whitley NCM Group, formerly  Nuprecon, Inc.

“The RE Store has been a valuable member of the Moceri Construction team since 2000. Their home deconstruction services regularly help Moceri to economically reduce waste while allowing others in the community to reuse the material. As an added bonus, since The RE Store is a nonprofit organization, our customers get a tax credit for the material that otherwise would simply be recycled at a cost to them. We also take advantage of the great materials at the store for use in some of our projects. Our clients love it.”
~ Paul Moceri  Moceri Construction, Inc.

“Having The RE Store salvage services as a partner on my company’s jobs has been a perfect way to bring win-win solutions to my clients. Using The RE Store helps reduce my labor costs and creates savings for the customer. It also helps give me a sales advantage by integrating recycling and support of a local non-profit educational organization into what I can offer to the community. The crews are professional, skilled, always prompt, and perform their work quickly. I would recommend The RE Store to any local contractor looking for reliable salvage services.”
~Bob Penny
Hawk Meadow Homecraft

“The RE Store crew was organized, careful, and meticulous. Communication with the crew was easy. Items that we wanted saved were saved, labeled, and stacked neatly.”
~Kat Maruoka
J.A.S. Design-Build, Inc.

“It looks like you guys are gonna be an added bonus for those obscure/hard-to-find-items. Not to mention what my customers are gonna think. They’ll love it! It’s very, very cool what you’re doing. Keep up the great work!”
~D. Hansen
Carpentry, Inc.


“Now that my project is complete, I can say that having The RE Store recycle my old house was an excellent idea and I am so happy that I did it for the following reasons:
1. They carefully removed and helped me store all fixtures and wood that I was saving.
2. They worked fast.
3. They were much quieter and had a lower impact on the neighborhood than heavy equipment would have had.
4. They were extremely clean to the point of removing nails and metal fragments from the yard. My builder was happy about how clean the site was left.
5. I received a tax deduction for the reusable materials that they saved from being wasted.
~ Sella Smillie