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How to make tables from recycled materials II: Edging with trim

Ensemble of short tables

Ensemble of short tables made with these techniques

So you learned how to make a solid base for your table in the first video. In this second part of The RE Store’s REvision Division video series about making small tables from reclaimed materials, learn innovative ways to use salvaged materials for the rim of a small table. Watch Eberhard use corner blocks and pieces of moulding to create easy, forgiving details with the table tops. These techniques eliminate tricky mitre cuts and joints around the rim of a table.

REvision Division galleries at The RE Store in Seattle (Ballard) or Bellingham feature one-of-a-kind furniture and decor items built in Bellingham by The RE Store. Come view the latest highly affordable, stylish and creative reuse examples or steal our ideas to design your own pieces.

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Make furniture with fast easy joining technique video

Eberhard shows angled screws in "butterfly technique"

Eberhard shows angled screws in “butterfly technique” for making fast furniture joints

Furniture joinery might seem like it requires years of practice and great attention to detail. Eberhard Eichner, lead designer and builder in The RE Store’s REvision Division, begs to differ. The 30-year veteran of finish carpentry, furniture making and repair has figured out a way to quickly create strong joints when building furniture. Using his “butterfly technique” he quickly fastens items like salvaged cabinet doors, used hollow core doors, reclaimed trim and scrap lumber to create beautiful, strong and functional furniture and home decor items. Watch the video to see the ease of the butterfly technique.

Time 2:47

Visit the The RE Store’s REvision Division gallery inside our store to see the latest furniture creations. Each day is a new treasure hunt of the latest salvaged and reclaimed one-of-a-kind items.

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Notes from the Field Crew – Cabinet Sets and Marble Bits

Field Crew member, James Taylor (left), in action removing the cabinet set, which is then loaded on the truck (right).

Notes and photos by Ryan DeSales, Seattle Field Crew member

The RE Store relies on a dedicated team to keep things running smoothly. If you’re a regular at our Bellingham or Seattle stores, you might even know a few us by name. What you might not know, however, is that we have a whole cast of characters salvaging materials out in the field. In fact, the RE Store offers a range of field services, including: full salvage and strip-out, large item pickup, and green demolition (aka deconstruction). Without our hardworking field crews, we wouldn’t be able to recycle the volume and range of materials that we do.

To give you a better idea of what the RE Store’s field services are all about, you’re invited to tag along with yours truly and the rest of the Seattle field crew. Each month, I’ll fill you in on our harrowing exploits, daring do, and epic adventures in salvage. So get your tetanus shot and strap on your steel toed boots for this, the first installment:

The Seattle field crew salvages a lot of kitchens, and this week was no exception as we arrived at a condo in Magnolia to pull some cabinets. The homeowners were remodeling, which is a typical scenario for us. Not so typically, the marble tiled counter tops started falling off, tile by tile, as we tried to carry them to our truck. While it did make the cabinets lighter, we typically try to not break things.

After a few minutes of picking up marble tidbits from the parking lot, we were on our way with a nice set of cabinets. The homeowners saved money on their remodel and they kept reusable materials out of the waste stream. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is laying a new counter top on those cabinets right now; or at least they’re trying desperately to match the remaining tile. P.S., the RE Store has a great selection of tile. But seriously, salvage is a win-win situation for all involved, and we’re happy to do our part—even when a few pieces fall off.

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