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The RE Store on Eco-Logical Home’s Podcast

The Eco-Logical Home is a weekly podcast program exploring sustainability and creating healthy, energy efficient, and joyful places to live.  Host Terry Phelan interviews guests that practice ways to design, organize, build, and maintain healthy, comfortable, and resilient places to live – and she recently interviewed The RE Store’s Bray Hayden, Seattle Outreach, Marketing & Development Manager about our stores and our field services.  Take a listen!

It is a two part podcast – you can link directly to them here and here – and then peruse the rest of Terry’s great topics, ranging from solar technologies to permaculture and rain gardens, and lots in between!  Thanks so much for having us, Terry! 

Bray Hayden - surrounded by her Seattle store crew


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The RE Store and Alcoa – supporting construction waste reduction and creative reuse

The RE Store has a long history of bootstrapping its own projects and innovations. We have had very few grants over the years. The few we have been awarded were focused on research and development of creative ways to reclaim more materials from the flood stage waste stream that we are drowning in. We already save the equivalent of 5 fully loaded Boeing 747’s per year (over 4,500,000 pounds) and are constantly pushing for more.

Eberhard with hollow core door demonstration

Eberhard discusses techniques of turning a hollow core door into furniture with Alcoa Foundation members

Our REvision Division program was started in 2012 with our own precious capital in this challenging economy. Now the Alcoa Foundation has seen fit to support our efforts. The injection of these funds will be used to further improve our education and sharing of ideas that will reduce waste, save you money, and hopefully even help you feel good about growing your do-it-yourself attitude, if you aren’t already a DIY rock star.

Watch this short video with Kurt Gisclair, Director of The RE Store, talking about the 3 main goals of the REvision Division. Josh Wilund, Public Affairs Manager for Alcoa, then goes on to talk about how The RE Store is setting benchmarks for other organizations like Alcoa with reuse, salvage, green demolition aka deconstruction, and more. Josh disclosed that he is a regular shopper and donates materials to The RE Store. When Josh and the Alcoa Foundation team looked deeper into the statistics and metrics of our programs and our proposal to move the ball down the field, that they saw how much of an example The RE Store is setting.  The non-profit organization is doing salvage, resale, job training and education and more. The Bellingham and Seattle-based org is continuing to reach out in 2012 with an all-new The RE Store Certified program, the 11th annual Recycled Arts Show, and much more.

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The RE Store Certified Program – recognizing businesses that are making a difference

Are you curious to see how local businesses have incorporated reclaimed materials into their projects? Do you like to support businesses that are taking steps to be responsible stewards of this beautiful place where we live? The RE Store Certified Program is scratching the back of progressive local businesses. The non-profit organization is launching a new program that will recognize local businesses that make significant efforts to incorporate salvage, reclaimed materials and green building practices.

The RE Store Certified Map

Draft map of The RE Store Certified Guide - a second page will have more in-depth info about businesses

Imagine some of your favorite restaurants, bars, boutiques, salons, and other places you frequent, all together on a map, with details about what cool and unusual materials they have reused in building and decorating. The map will be available online as a navigable, custom Google map, along with a downloadable pdf version and also a printed version you can come grab at our stores in Ballard or Bellingham. We look forward to launching the maps and web presence for The RE Store Certified Guide in the Spring so stay tuned.

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