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Making Beautiful Use of Scrap Wood – a RE Store Rockstar Headboard

Jenn's Headboard in Progress

Jenn Anderson was in need of a headboard for her bed, and wanted to find an inexpensive and creative  way to build something for herself.  She saw a chair made of scrap wood in a shop in Ballard that was her initial inspiration. Only having a chop saw to use for this project informed her design idea as well, knowing that she could only make short cuts.  She found the plywood backing on the side of the road in for free, and bought 2 2×4’s new to make the frame.  She then headed to The RE Store for the small pieces of various woods including pine, bamboo, and mahogany bits – making it about 80-85% reclaimed material!

Jenn's Headboard in Bedroom

This was her first big carpentry project to tackle, and she felt like she learned a lot in the process – only having one snafu when she was mounting the boarder pieces (which she thinks were probably too hard for the type of screw she was using).  Other than needing to figure out how to brace it to the wall, she is very happy to have the new furniture piece in her home – something low cost that she created!

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!

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Peak Moment Interviews an Avid Customer of The RE Store

Peak Moment – an online television series featuring folks working to create a more sustainable, resilient and lower-energy future – has interviewed Jim Bristow, designer/builder with Bristow Enterprises, and an avid customer and friend of The RE Store.  This Ballard residence has been transformed, with every last detail thought through with sustainability in mind, and not just from the angle of buying green materials, reducing energy consumption, and installing solar panels but contributing less to the consumption cycle too.  For example, Jim did this by reusing materials from the original house, felled trees from his properties, and finding salvage materials from yours truly (we are specifically mentioned around 7:40).  He also stayed within the original building footprint and found creative ways to carve out space in what was already there as well as updating and modernizing with reused materials as much as possible.  He also speaks to his plans for his cistern and RainWise garden in the video – and on that note, we should mention that we will be having a workshop this fall about the RainWise program with Jim at the Seattle store (date TBD).  Check out the video, and come meet Jim this fall!

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The Future of Reuse and Recycling in Seattle – Your Input Requested!

Salvaged car transformed into salvage-hauler at The RE Store

Here at The RE Store, our mission is to keep useable building materials out of the waste stream – reusing what can be reused, and making sure as much of the rest that can be recycled is recycled.  We’ve diverted over 4 million pounds of construction & demolition waste from the landfill annually – while saving you money and encouraging value out of waste.

The RE Store has worked with the City of Seattle and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) on construction and demolition policies and we’ve helped with diversion even more by working at the North Transfer Station (the dump) on the weekends to inform folks about salvage – taking items from them right on the spot, saving them tipping fees in the process.

SPU has asked us to spread the word to our re-users and re-cyclers – looking for your input as they update Seattle’s long-term solid waste plan. For the seventh straight year, Seattle’s recycling rate has risen, hitting an all-time high of 53.7 percent overall and 70.3 percent for single households. The national recycling average is 32.1 percent. While each city calculates its diversion rates differently, Seattle is considered to be among the national leaders in municipal recycling.  And while this is great – it can always improve, and they would like to know how you, your members, your business, or the people/businesses represented by your organization would be affected by the recommendations in the plan.

Read the plan:

Tell SPU what you think and take a five-minute survey at:

Or, send a quick note to:

Let’s make sure we’re represented in SPU’s outreach process – and that we are spreading the word of salvage!

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Fall harvesting in the RE Patch – food and reuse

The RE Patch community garden and demonstration site is enjoying it’s first harvest season.

This urban pea patch lives behind The RE Store in Bellingham, as a part of the The RE Store/RE Sources/Sustainable Living Center compound. It is a fertile and food-bearing example of creative reuse and volunteer elbow grease, guided by the good folks at Bellingham Urban Gardens and Homestead Habitats.  Crucial support has come from many local businesses. Since its first work in April, the patch now sports:

  • eleven garden plots build from salvaged lumber
  • a permaculture native forest edible garden
  • a rack of edible mushroom logs
  • arbor and picnic bench made from reclaimed building materials by The RE store’s REvision Division
  • a rainwater cistern pilot demonstration system with a 900 gallon capacity, thanks to the City Of Bellingham Public Works Department
  • compost system and tool shed

There are currently 3 plots available so contact Jennifer Fredricksen, the RE Patch coordinator, via phone at (503) 528-4664 or via email at

 Thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers

City of Bellingham Public Works

Tree Frog Farms   •   Cascadia Mushrooms,

Growsource   •   Cloud Mountain Farms

Plantas Nativa   •   The Gardens at Padden Creek

Sunbreak Nursery   •   Shelterbelt, Inc.

Sunseed Farm   •   Treemendous Plantworks

Whatcom Conservation District   •   Joe’s Gardens

The Garden Spot   •   Earthworks Tree Service

DeWilde’s Nursery   •   Starkenburg Shavings

Bakerview Nursery & Garden Center

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