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A RE Store Rockstar – tells a story

This comes from Nancy Connolly, who spoke to us in person at the Phinney Home & Remodel Fair.  The story seemed to good not to broadcast:
“My fabulous RE Store story is about my door knob and lock.  I have a 1950’s home with a very classy door knob mechanism – no knob on the outside, and a deadbolt kind of thing on the inside – brass and very interesting looking.  This broke one morning recently and it was very dismaying – not only would the front door not lock, but it didn’t really even fully latch without it.  I took the thing off the door without too much difficulty and took it to my local locksmith who told me it was unfixable and that if I purchase a similar item at a local hardware store, he would come out and install and the whole thing would probably cost me about $200 and the new lock would be quite utilitarian and ugly.  I shopped several lock smiths and hardware stores (taking up much of the day) and found someone ultimately who told me that some door stores might have a replacement part if they had replaced a door with a similar mechanism.  I drove to a couple of door stores, out to Everett, etc., looking for someone who would have the right item, and finally arrived at The RE Store where I found the IDENTICAL, 1950s door lock and latch – NEW in box, still in factory packaging which I installed myself for less than $10.  I felt so fortunate to find The RE Store was a repository and solved my problem.  I did consider buying 2 – but felt that as the first one had lasted almost 60 years, I would leave the others at your store for others fortunate enough to find you.  While I am sure I could have told my story a little more eloquently – I still feel grateful and enjoy my vintage door closer every day!”

Shucks, Nancy – we are glad we could be of help!  Makes us wonder what other buried treasure could be making others this happy….
Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!

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Recycled Arts & Fashions have been selected!

A sampling of winning submissions for Recycled Arts & Trash Fashions

Over the last week or so, juries in both Seattle and Bellingham have been feverishly deliberating over all the amazing submissions we’ve received for Recycled Arts, Functional Art & Trash Fashions shows.  Many great pieces, and lots of talented folks – makes us wish we had unlimited space to accept everything into the shows!  But, alas, our job was a difficult one, and the competition fierce.  Thanks so much to all that entered, and all that juried! We’ve made our final decisions – and it looks like we will have some great shows – so mark your calendars!


Saturday April 9th, 6p at Blowing Sands Gallery – Recycled Arts & Funtional Arts gallery opening.  Show through May 8th.

Saturday April 16th, 7p & 9:30p at New York Fashion Academy – Trash Fashion Shows.  Ticket on sale through Brown Paper Tickets, and at the store (coming soon!).


Saturday April 1st, 6p at Allied Arts Gallery – Recycled Arts gallery Opening.  Show through April 30th.  

The RE Store – Bellingham will feature a Functional Design gallery for the month of April as well.

Saturday April 23rd, 7p & 9:30p at WWU’s Viking Union Multi-Purpose room – Trash  Fashions Shows. Tickets on sale through WWU’s box office.

Special thanks to our gallery partners and the jury members in both cities:  Robin Worley, Diane Kurzyna aka “Ruby Reusable”, Steve Jensen, David Smith, Katy Borden, Bray Hayden and Jason Darling

Photo credits:  Allie Terrill, Andrew LaFarge Hamill, Briana Knight, Carl Youngmann, Cheri Kopp, Chris Burton, Daniel Kenworthy & Tiana Charron, Graham Schodda, Jessie Wixom & Carson Massie, Julia Haack, and Miriam Gray

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RE Store Rockstar: Fireplace Facelift

Project Title: Nani Paape’s Fireplace Face Lift for a Craftsman Cottage

Project Description: The brick surround and existing mantel were demolished and the limestone slab hearth was removed. Then the firebox was repainted with high-heat Rustoleum. Face and hearth were tiled (my first real tiling job!), and the  oak surround was hand sanded. Carpenter Jeremy Hanson provided demolition, tiling prep, and carpentry to retrofit surround, making its legs longer and its mantel depth shallower. He also custom-fit the oak trim. I finish sanded the oak and applied in a beeswax, canuba oil and orange oil, rubbing it to a soft matte finish.

Salvage Materials Used: Vintage 1920s solid oak fireplace surround from the Seattle ReStore

Instructions or Advice: What part of your find can you re-use? We were able to re-use pieces of wood that came with the surround as part of the retrofit. A friend donated the tile backing board, and we didn’t have to buy a single piece of new wood to complete the project.

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!

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