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RE Store Rockstar: Mantel, Shelves & Bed

Rockstar: Brad Howard

Project Title: mantel & shelves

Project Description/Salvage Materials Used: A mantel I made using a slab of marble, teak molding, and some brackets that I reinforced to handle the additional weight.  Reflected in the mirror at the landing on the stairs is a bookshelf, also from The RE Store.  Shelving on stairs to loft made by cutting 9-foot boards in half.

Project Title: bed & rack

Project Description/Salvage Materials Used: RE Store materials in the photos are the bed head and foot boards, bleacher board on the sides of the bed, paneling on the wall, and molding above the paneling. The clothes rack was made from brackets and a large dowel, and mounted on the sloping ceiling because a wall mount would have been too low.

Instructions or Advice: Measure twice, cut once (or if you make a slight mistake in this department, deflect attention away from your own incompetence by pointing out that “that board is the wrong size.” Most people won’t think to question how it got that way!).

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!

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Old Photographic Friends at the 2010 Trash Fashion Show

Trash fashion design

Rebecca Maxim's top notch design is made from soil erosion mesh with onion bag ruffles, red plastic picnic cloth bustle and the white waxed paper pill cups down the front. The synthetic carpet and cardboard hat is decorated with veggie bags and plastic mesh, safety pins, bead chains, luggage keys and other detritus from the bottom of her sewing basket.

By John Cornicello
Studio Photographer
The RE Store’s Trash Fashion Show
Seattle ~ 2010

I’ve known Robin Worley for around 10 years now. When she first moved to Seattle from Hawaii I was one of her supporters in starting a new business called “Nothing New” in Wallingford that was a shop selling trash fashions and other items made from recycled materials. Since then I have photographed many of her shows in the Seattle area, plus some in Olympia and Eugene, Oregon.

I’ve always been impressed by the designs and cleverness, but the last two years have brought things to an even greater level with some stunning designs and fresh new talent. The popularity has also grown immensely. I remember early shows that The RE Store sponsored in Fremont and Ballard. They were more like small parties, where now there were two sellout shows (550+ people) attending on one evening.

Trash fashion design 2

Alotta Detritus's classic hoop skirt ensemble utilizes potting soil bags for the top, the breast plate is made out of cardboard and bubble wrap, barrel hoops and wall insulation packaging makes up the the skirt

It is hard to select a favorite, but from The RE Store’s 2009 show, I like Rebeka Ginda’s blue shower curtain dress and the yellow Marie Antoinette piece by Remixa Plastique (Jen Girard). For this year I had many favorites, including Rebecca Maxim’s steam punk inspired creation, a black and tan outfit featuring QFC grocery bags, and Nic Griffin’s hoop skirt piece.

In the past, I would have had some issues with photographing these creations using film and all the chemicals involved, but digital photography feels more in line with recycling, reusing the same memory cards and sharing most images online instead of having them printed out.

See more of John’s photos

Visit the Recycled Art Program and learn more about the The RE Store’s annual Recycled Arts and Trash Fashion Show

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RE Store Rockstar Project: Pottery Stand

Rockstar: Ed Calfant

Project Title: Pottery Stand

Salvaged Materials Used: CVG fir School shelving,book case parts, stair tread and school house boards, with brass fittings, unknown original use.

Project Description: Built with the use of two Shopsmith 10’ers to be functional display for pottery art.

Do you have a RE Store-inspired project to be proud of?  Please, show off & share your story!

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Who made THAT functional art?

Eberhard Eichner's window display at The RE Store

Eberhard Eichner’s window display at The RE Store in Bellingham

Artist: Eberhard Eichner
Artistic reinventor of furniture and creative trim work

While growing up in Berlin, Germany in the 1950’s and 60’s, fixing, mending and making “new-out-of-the-old” was a part of Eberhard’s daily family life. While in college, he transformed a door into a “forest” by furnishing it with things collected from the woods surrounding the city.

Eberhard apprenticed as a furniture maker and finish carpenter before taking his trade to North America. He has since built and decorated pipe organ cases and their moldings. Custom furniture, doors, windows and trim has been his specialty. More recently he has turned to rescuing and fixing used furniture. He assembles different items in new custom furniture pieces and paints them with decorative motifs.  Eberhard has been living with his wife and daughter in the Pacific Northwest since 1978 and in Whatcom County since 2002.

“My ideas com through inspirations from all cultures and ethnic sources,” says Eberhard.

Eichner has been installing window displays at The RE Store in Bellingham since early fall of 2010, using his own work as well as items from the store. His own used building materials come from The RE Store and other thrift stores. His artistic furniture and display pieces combine whimsical detailed beauty with utilitarian needs for homes and businesses.

His pieces are for sale, with pricing and contact information alongside his window display. He is planning on submitting designs to The RE Store’s 10th Annual Recycled Arts and Fashion Show to be held in April, 2011.

eberhard eichners tiger chair

This chair was purchased by Eberhard then reupholstered and painted into an exotic piece of functional art

eberhard eichners art bench

Eberhard Eichner’s Bench of Raja, made from used building materials – note the door knob feet from The RE Store

Eberhard Eichner in his studio

Eberhard Eichner in his home on Lummi Island

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